Tungsten Yttrium Electrodes

Tungsten Yttrium Electrodes Picture

Tungsten yttrium electrodes are electrodes made of tungsten and yttrium. Similar to thoriated tungsten electrodes and ceriated tungsten electrodes, yttriated tungsten electrodes can be differentiated by their tip color. Tip color of tungsten yttrium electrodes is blue. Another point is that the yttrium content, in tungsten yttrium electrodes, content of yttrium ranges from 1.8% to 2.2%. Following is a table to show tungsten yttrium electrodes clearly.

Trade Mark Added Impurity Impurity
Tungsten% Electric
Color Sign
WY20 YO2 1.8-2.2 < 0.20 The rest 2.0-3.9 Blue

Tungsten is the major content in tungsten yttrium electrodes. Tungsten is an element with properties of high melting point, high temperature resistance, high corrosion resistance, low thermal expansion and high hardness.

Yttrium has a silvery-metallic luster and ignites in air. Moon rocks are known to contain yttrium although on earth it occurs in the rarest minerals. Yttrium chemically resembles the lanthanides and can appear to gain a slight pink luster on exposure to light.

The most common use of yttrium is its compounds being used to make the red color phosphors in cathode ray tube displays, such as those used for televisions. Other uses of yttrium include usage as iron garnets which are very effective microwave filters, as a catalyst for ethylene polymerization and used on the electrodes of some high-performance spark plugs.Tungsten yttrium electrodes belong to its composite category.