Specification of Tungsten Yttrium Electrodes

Tungsten Yttrium Electrodes Picture

The total consumption of tungsten electrode around the world each year to reach 1600t, the market demand with the development of the economy is still growing. The annual output of tungsten electrode Chinese about world tungsten electrode yield 3/4. Has been growing steadily Chinese tungsten electrodes in an annual output of nearly 10 years, and from 2005 onwards production increased dramatically, to 1200t in 2009.

The detail tungsten yttrium electrodes specification are following:

Model Diameter Length Ingredients Welding material
WY 0.5mm 150mm/175mm Tungsten Carbon steel
Stainless steel
1.0mm 150mm/175mm
1.6mm 150mm/175mm
2.0mm 150mm/175mm
2.4mm 150mm/175mm
3.0mm 150mm/175mm
3.2mm 150mm/175mm
4.0mm 150mm/175mm
4.8mm 150mm/175mm
5.0mm 150mm/175mm
6.0mm 150mm/175mm
7.0mm 150mm/175mm
8.0mm 150mm/175mm
10.0mm 150mm/175mm
12.0mm 150mm/175mm